DISH Network, EchoStar Dinged Another $200M In Patent Lawsuit

Digital video recorder firm TiVo scored another $200M in a patent lawsuit against Englewood, Colorado-based DISH Network and EchoStar Friday, as the United States District Court, Eastern District of Texas ordered the two to pay $200M more to TiVo over what TiVo described as contempt sanction for continued violation of a Court-ordered permanent injunction. The ruling comes from a patent lawsuit brought by TiVo against DISH Network and EchoStar. DISH and EchoStar said it was pleased that the ruling was smaller than the billion dollars in sanctions that were being sought by TiVo, but said the amount of sanctions was not warranted, and it believes it will still prevail on appeal. TiVo sued EchoStar and Dish over patent infringement in 2004.