DigitalGlobe Puts Crowdsourcing To Work On Jetliner Disappearance

Longmont, Colorado-based satellite imaging provider DigitalGlobe is putting its technology to work on helping to find the missing Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777, via a crowdsourcing effort. DigitalGlobe launched the crowdsourcing effort on Monday, to tap into the interest of the public in helping to locate the missing jetliner, letting users browse its satellite images of the South China seas for any clues to the disappearance of the 777. That effort has proved so popular that the company's Tomnod crowdsourcing site went down on Tuesday--and is still down--due to what DigitalGlobe called an "unprecedented level of web traffic and interest". DigitaGlobe said it hope to make new images available and fix those problems. The company--which regularly provides satellite imagery to government, commercial, and other users--said its satellites had collected paproximately 3,200 square kilometers of imagery in the region where the Malaysian 777 first disappeared from radar.