Colorado Overseas EIR Effort Links With National Group

The new effort to attract overseas entrepreneurs to Colorado--being spearheaded and funded by Colorado venture capital investor Brad Feld and CU Boulder--has linked up to form a national group, to help other states implement similar programs. According to Feld, the new Global EIR Coalition will help "open source" its approach to helping immigrant entrepreneurs get visas to start their companies in the United States. Earlier this month, Feld and CU-Boulder created a new program which brings prospective entrepreneurs to Boulder, and in the process gets them on their way to citizenship in the United States. Feld says both efforts are part of an effort to fix a "broken immigration system". Feld is looking to apply much of the success he has had in attracting local entrepreneurs to Colorado, to also tap into the wealth of international entrepreneurs, who typically face huge hurdles in relocating to the United States.