Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah Tops In Tech Job Concentration

A new report issued this week says that three of the states in the region -- Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah -- are among the top ten states for high tech employment, based on the concentration of technology jobs. Those states included Colorado (5th in the nation, with 8.4 percent of jobs as a share of total private employment), New Mexico (7th, with 7.6 percent of jobs), and Utah (8th, with 7.5 percent of jobs in the technology industry). The study, by the Bay Area Council Economic Institute, analyzed patterns of high-technology employment and wages in the United States. A number of local metro areas also ranked highly in a separate ranking of the top 25 metros for high tech employment concentration, including Boulder at number 2 in the nation (22.7% tech jobs); Provo/Orem (10.1%); Colorado Springs (10.1%), and Albuquerque (8.5%).