Coalfire: Companies Lack BYOD Policy

The recent trend of employees using their own, mobile devices to access company files looks to be problematic, according to a survey released this week from Louisville, Colorado-based Coalfire. Coalfire, a provider of IT governance, risk, and compliance services to corporations, said its survey found that 47 percent of users it surveyed lacked even a the simple protection of a password on their smartphone, which would allow people access to sensitive company information on those devices. BYOD -- "bring your own device" -- has become a buzzword among enterprise IT managers, where those managers are grappling with how to deal with the widespread availability of iPhones, Android phones, iPad, Android tablets, and other devices which are capable of easily connecting into corporate networks, but usually lack strict IT controls or security measures. Coalfire said that the BYOD trend is introducing "a number of new security risks" and that companies need to "do much more" to protect their infrastructure. The company also found that about 84 percent of the 400 individuals they surved use the same smartphone for their personal and work usage, and that 51 percent of their companies do not have a way to remotely wipe data from those devices if lost or if they are locked.


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