Cleanflicks Relaunches Online Rentals

CleanFlicks Media Inc., formerly a retailer of family-friendly films, said Tuesday that it has adjusted its business model and will now offer its titles for rent online at its Web site. The move, the Pleasant Grove, Utah-based business claimed, makes it the only online DVD rental service that exclusively offers family-friendly films for all ages and interests. The move comes as a shift from the firm's former focus on editing movies to remove violence, sexual content, nudity and harsh profanity. CleanFlicks had been dealt a blow in July of 2006 when a court ruled that the firm's editing of movies violated copyright laws; the firm relaunched in May of 2007 with its DVD rental service, which only offers unedited movies that fit the firm's family friendly profile. CleanFlicks' rental model is similar to Netflix: after subscribing to a monthly membership, customers go to the CleanFlicks' Web site, make their selections and receive their movies in one or two business days. Members can view the movies at their convenience before returning them in a pre-paid envelope.