CenturyLink Brings 1 Gigabit To Planned Community In Utah

Bandwidth provider CenturyLink, which already supplies ultra high speed, 1 gigabit per second Internet throughout the Salt Lake City area, said today that it has extended its high speed service to the 3,600 residents of the Daybreak planned community in South Jordan. CenturyLink has been rolling out high speed Internet services across Salt Lake and surrounding communities since 2014. 1 Gigabit per second is about 100 times faster than the average broadband connection. Salt Lake City is one of the few areas in the nation with 1 Gigabit per second Internet; Google has a grand plan to bring 1 Gigabit speeds across the nation, however, only has the service deployed in a limited number of areas, including in Provo. Utah's high speed, 1 Gigabit per second Internet comes due to very early adoption of fiber-to-the-home in the state, via such efforts as iProvo, which was deploying high speed fiber to homes and businesses as far back as 2004.


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