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    Moving Forward in Today's Economy
    Date: May 05, 2009
    Moving Forward in Today's Economy . CSIA is proud to partner with IBM, the world’s largest technology company, to present a special session on the broad view of the economy (now and tomorrow), and specifically what technology executives should do to prepare for and strengthen their company’s future. Dr. Phillip L. Swan is the National Chief Economist for IBM, and he will provide us with a presentation about how our “chilled” economy got here, what trends we currently are seeing in the US, China, and other countries; as well as specific information about the trends for the technology industry. Specific to IT, more than half of global productivity is attributed to IT, reflecting the critical importance of IT’s impact on industries across the globe. And, more than half of capital spending is in IT/telecommunications, with the other half in services, and now that we have absorbed much of the investments made during Y2K and during the tech bubble, what are the predictions for spending, and how will technology be used in the US as well as other countries? See
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