BuilderMT Creates New Division to Market Product

BuilderMT, a publisher of efficiency and automation software for the residential construction industry, revealed Wednesday that it has launched a new division that will develop similar workflow optimization applications for companies in other sectors. BuilderMT said the division, Incendio Technology, is fully staffed and operational and will focus on providing business process management software and services to health care, pharmaceuticals, transportation, financial services and other industries. BuilderMT noted that Incendio's flagship Business Process Management product began at a company called LogicBase, which security software publisher Symantec acquired in January. In the months since, BuilderMT said it has successfully marketed and deployed many licenses of Business Process Management to companies in the home building and construction sectors through a reseller partnership with Symantec. BuilderMT and its new Incendio division are headquartered in Lakewood, Colo.