Brandzooka Debuts New Video Advertising Tool

Boulder-based Brandzooka, a developer of programmatic, video marketing tools, said it has launched a new product which turns SMBs' YouTube content, and turns it into video ads. According to BrandZooka, the new tool--"The Ripper" takes "neglected" YouTube content, and turns it into IAB compliant ad formats, which lets those advertisers push their video out via online advertising. Brandzooka said the tool is specifically aimed at SMBs and agencies, who have developed content for YouTube--but just aren't getting the organic views. The company said its tool makes it a lot easier to re-use that content, cut into ad-sized pieces, for video ad efforts. Brandaooka is venture backed by IMM, Galvanize Ventures, eonCapital Ventures, Mahalo Capital, and RSVP Ventures. The company announced its first round, worth $1.5M, in April.