Ascent Solar Makes Advance

Thornton, Colorado-based Ascent SOlar Technologies, which is developing thin-film, photovoltaic modules, said this morning that the firm has made an advance in its manufacturing technology. According to the company, it has manufactured a monolithically, interconnected, 5 meter long flexible light weight module on a polyimide substrate, which the firm says may be the "largest of any CIGS module." CIGS is a process used for manufacturing photovoltaic solar wafers and panels. The firm said the module produces 123 watts and has an efficiency of 9.1 percent. Ascent Solar's technology allows companies to create solar panels on flexible plastic, which allows for creation of integrated solar panels in building materials. In addition, Ascent uses a roll-to-roll manufacturing process which is much more efficient, and cost-efficient, than traditional PV manufacturing techniques.