Arizona Firm's Unique Take On Mobile Phone Case: Built In Pepper Spray

Screen protector: check; smart phone case: check; add-on Bluetooth keyboard, check; built-in pepper spray cartridge, say again? Think you're the mobile phone user every accessory under the sun? An Arizona company has come up with what might be the most unique (or at least, dangerous) mobile smartphone accessory yet, a smartphone case which includes a built in pepper spray cartridge. Spraytect said it hopes to make its product available in June to users, allowing Apple iPhone 4 and 4S users to use the popular smartphone as both a communications device and a weapon. It's unclear how often iPhone users expect to use their smartphone as a defensive device, however, Spraytect looks to be betting that there are many customers out there who think they might just need to use their mobile phone as personal protection while texting or surfing the Internet.