Aircell Behind New American Airlines In-Flight Video Service

Aircell, the provider of in-flight Wi-Fi services which has a major portion of its business in Broomfield, Colorado, is having a busy week with its Gogo inflight wireless services business. This morning, American Airlines, one of its customers, announced that it has launched a new, video-on-demand service which will enable laptop users with Wi-Fi to rent both movies television shows in-flight. American said it will be offering up streaming of movies and TV from an in-flight library of titles across its fleet of 15, Boeing 757-200 aircraft, with plans to roll out the in-flight video service across all of its Gogo Wi-fi enabled aircraft in the future, pending FAA certifications. American did not detail the business arrangements behind the new service, but said that its new Entertainment On Demand service is powered by the Gogo system.


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