Women's Technology Group Selects Finalists

The Women Tech Council, a nonprofit focused on women in technology in the state of Utah, said this week that it has selected fourteen finalists for its third annual, Women Tech Awards. According to the group, it has selected Padma Allen, Technodyne; Christine M. Archibald, ManagementPlus; Carol Campbell, ATK; Carol Fineagan, EnergySolutions; Sarah B. Hiza, ATK; Chiao-ih Hui, L-3 Communications; Laura Hunter, Utah Education Network; Dr. Laura Nelson, Red Leaf Resources; Fran Maier, TRUSTe; Linda Muir, Westminster College; Julie Simmons, MarketStar; Melain Terry, Novell; Christine Williams, Western Governors University and Suzanne Winters, BioInnovations Gateway as finalists. The group will name its winners in September at an awards luncheon. The Women Tech Council said its award recognizes technology-focused women who are driving innovation, leading technology companies and are key contributors to the community.