Wilson Electronics Gets FCC Certification For 4G Wireless Boosters

St. George, Utah-based Wilson Electronics, which manufacturers cellular signal boosters used to amplify cell phone signals in remote locations, said this morning that it has received FCC certification on two of its new, in-vehicle 4G boosters. Wilson Electronics said the two devices are the first for the industry. Wilson Electronics said the two certified devices are its Mobile 4G and Sleek 4G models. The company says the devices work with all cellular devices and U.S. service providers, except for Clearwire,and delivers the maximum FCC allowed gain of 50 decibels to signals, and also includes features to prevent the possibility of interference with cell sites. Wilson's amplifiers receive local cellular phone signals, and then amplify those RF signals so that they can be received from a further distance away. The one non-supported carrier by the devices, Clearwire, uses a different wireless standard (WiMax) than other carriers, who use the LTE standard, accounting for the difference in support.