Venture Capitalists Invest $410.7M in Rocky Mountain Region in Q3

Venture capitalists invested $410.7M in area firms in Q3, according to, which maintains a database of venture capital deal flow in the Rocky Mountain and surrounding regions. Those $410.7M in investments were spread across 34 deals in the region. Colorado led in venture activity, with 21 deals worth a total of $184.0M, followed by Arizona, which had 4 deals worth a total of $133.7M. Utah had $75.4M in deals across 8 venture deals. New Mexico showed one deal worth $17.5M. For the quarter, the biggest deal was Arizona-based content delivery network provider Limelight Networks, which raised $130M in July. Other notable deals included $93M for Colorado-based Adam Aircraft, $37M for Utah-based Linux Networx, and $35M for Colorado-based Infinite Power. The most active investors for the quarter were vSpring Capital, with 4 deals, Appian Ventures, with 3 deals, and Wasatch Venture Fund, with 3 deals. Other active investors for the quarter were D.E. Shaw, Vista Ventures, and Goldman Sachs, all of whom had two deals. maintains a database of area venture capital deals, tracking angel investment and venture capital deals that are reported to the press or otherwise disclosed publicly. The investment totals here may differ significantly from the numbers from the widely followed PricewaterhouseCoopers MoneyTree report and VentureOne/Ernst & Young Venture Capital due to sources of information and methodology in collecting data. Both PricewaterhouseCoopers/National Venture Capital Association and VentureOne/Ernst & Young should release their quarterly VC numbers later this month.