Venture Capital Investments Hits $6.2B In Q3

PricewaterhouseCoopers and the National Venture Capital Association has released its Money Tree venture capital results for Q3 of 2006, showing that there was $6.2 billion invested in 797 deals, down by 8 percent from Q2, but the best third quarter since 2001. The quarter also marked the third successive quarter where there was more than $6B invested nationally. The report showed $209.0M in 23 deals for Colorado, $215.9M in 16 deals for the Southwest Region (including Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico). The most active area of investment was the Life Sciences sector, which nationally saw $1.8B going into 177 deals. Software continued to slip, and saw a 19 percent decline in investment dollars, and a 24 percent decline in deals from Q2, with $1.09B in 186 deals. The Money Tree also venture deals funded by U.S. venture capital firms in China, India, and Israel. The report showed there was $221M invested in 18 deals; $203M in 18 deals in Indian companies, and $47M in 11 deals in Israel.