Utah Startup's Technology Being Use To Map Ebola In Liberia

A Utah technology company said today that its technology is being used to fight the outbreak of Ebola in Liberia, in an effort to help that country's government gain a better handle on the emergency. Acccording to Addressing Homes, which is led by Michael Olsen, it had provided its technology free of charge to Liberia, to help map undeveloped regions. The company's technology has been used in Liberia since 2010, to try to help map the region--which lacks maps, infrastructure, or resources to accurately map addresses in the country. According to Addressing Homes, its technology is being used to map where Ebola victims are, outbreaks, and clinic locations in Liberia -- which is tough, given that countries like Liberia have many areas that lack actual physical addresses, not to mention running water or sewage systems. The company gave the example of West Point, Liberia, whichas approximately 75,000 people and no addresses, water, or sewage. The company said that residents of Liberia have deliberately dumping bodies in the strees to conceal the location of outbreaks from authorities. Addressing Homes' technology uses aerial photos and helps turn those into physical addresses.(Photo of West Point, Liberia, courtesy of Addressing Homes)