TrackVia: Millenials Widely Breaking BYOD Rules

Trying to keep your corporate networks safe from hackers? Watch out for those Millenials--at least, according to Denver-based TrackVia. According to TrackVia, which develops software to help companies rapidly create their own, custom mobile apps, it recently ran a survey which found that nearly 70 percent of all Millennials admit to bringing applications from outside the enterprise to support their work, going against corporate policies, versus just 31 percent of Baby Boomers. That said, TrackVia attributes the move to the inability of corporate apps to meet their needs for work. The survey found that 69 percent of Millennials said they never work together with IT to select new business apps--instead, just using personal apps. TrackVia said it surveyed over 1,000 individuals in June 2014 through an online survey. Responses were collected from both male and female respondents, ages 18 and up, in the United States.