Techstars Starts Tracking Diversity Numbers, Sets Goals

Boulder-based startup accelerator operator Techstars has released its diversity numbers, as part of its goal to improve the diversity of its programs across its network. The startup accelerator operator, which released the diversity numbers last week, said it is starting out 2016 with 25 percent of its founders being "ethnically diverse" (non-white), with 19 percent female founders/participants, and 18 percent female mentors. The startup accelerator says it wants to double the number of women in its accelerator program applicant pool and across its mentor network over four years, and that it will be tracking participation in its programs by underrepresented minorities and double that from the baseline over the same time period. Techstars has been far ahead of the crowd in terms of its efforts to boost diversity in the startup and technology industry, including creating the Techstars Foundation, which specifically is looking to help improve diversity in tech entrepreneurship worldwide.


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