Space Data Corporation Sues Google Over Project Loon

Chandler, Arizona-based Space Data Corporation, a developer of balloon-based, radio repeater technology, being used by the military to extend the range of two way radios, has sued Google, over the Internet giant's plans to build a balloon-based, Wi-Fi system. Space Data develops systems, which are sent aloft by helium or hydrogen balloons, which transmit and receive radio signals from handheld military two-way radios. The company said its balloon systems--which fly 60,000 to 100,000 feet above the earth--can extend the range of those low power radios from a mere 10 miles to nearly 500. Space Data Corporation said it showed Google its technology under NDA in 2007, even going so far as to show Google/Alphabet founder Sergey Brin in a photo releasing one of its balloons in 2008. Space Data Corporation says it is asking that Google stop disclosing its trade secrets; to stop competing with its current and future business; and compensate it for the patent infringement, NDA violation, and is also asking for damages.