Skillfull Aims At Job Seekers With Skills, But No Degree

A new, online platform aimed at helping improve the skills and marketability of job seekers, Skillful, is launching in Colorado today, part of an effort of nonprofit the Markle Foundation to better connect job seekers with employers. The new platform--which is piloting first in Colorado, as well as in Phoenix, Arizona--attempts to connect job seekers by their specific skills and training, rather than by their college degree. The Markle Foundation--headed by Zoe Baird, the former nominee for the Attorney General of the United States--says it is aimed at individuals with a high school diploma and some college experience, but not a four year degree. The effort is looking to fix the mismatch between what employers are asking for in job candidates--for example, a college degree--even if those degrees are not required or even relevant to finding good employees. The effort is being launched this morning at 11am with Governor John Hickenlooper and Allen Blue, co-founder of LinkedIn, along with Baird.