SimpleGeo Service Gets Sunset Date

It looks like it's finally the end for SimpleGeo, the location-based information service started by Matt Galligan and Joe Stump which was founded at Boulder-based TechStars. In a blog post to SimpleGeo's users Thursday, Urban Airship, the new owner of SimpleGeo, said it is targeting a complete shutdown of SimpleGeo by March 31, 2012. Urban Airship explained that in order to focus its product development efforts on an "aggressive" push for its messaging and push notification service, it has decided to wind down SimpleGeo's customers by March 31st. SimpleGeo had been acquired by Urban Airship in October of last year. Urban Airship said it is looking to continue its relationship with SimpleGeo customers, it is helping them to move their services to Factual, a provider of location based information and APIs, which offers similar services as SimpleGeo. Urban Airship also said it will offer a "Pro Plan" to those users for six months at no monthly charge.