SCO Reports 2005 Results

Lindon Utah-based SCO Group has released its fourth quarter and fiscal 2005 results, reporting yesterday that the company had revenues of $8.52M for the three months ending October 31st, and $36.5M for the year. The company had a loss of $3.4M in the fourth quarter, and a total loss for the year of $10.7M. The firm's year to year quarterly results were down from $10.0M in 2004, which the company reported was due to a decrease in UNIX revenue as a result of competitive pressure on the company's UNIX products and services. Darl McBride, CEO of The SCO Group, said in a statement that the company incurred net losses for the fourth quarter and fiscal year 2005 as a result of expenditures for its ongoing litigation. SCO has been embroiled in a series of lawsuit with IBM, Novell, and Linux customers over what it claims is use of SCO technology in the popular Linux open source operating system. Total license income for successful licensing of that technology totaled $34,000 for the quarter, and $166,000 for the year, with costs of that license income totaling $3.38M for the quarter, and $12.8M for the year. SCO also said that it expects its IBM litigation to go to trial in February of 2007, and its lawsuit against Novell to go to trial in June of 2007.