Rogue Waves In Deal with AMD, Names New CEO

Boulder, Colorado-based Rogue Wave Software said today that it is in a collaboration with processor maker AMD. Rogue Wave said it will work with AMD on enhancing processing power of specialized applications in the financial services industry. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. Separately, the firm said it has appointed Brian Pierce as the company's CEO. In the AMD deal, Rogue Wave said its Hydra software tools in an effort to improve parallel computing technologies for financial services industry applications; the firms did not describe details around the effort, but said that the collaboration would be around multi-core CPU hardware, graphical processing unit chipsets, and how they are used to improve performance of financial algorithmic applications. In terms of the new CEO, Rogue Wave said Pierece joins the firm from Infor Global Solutions, replacing interim CEO Bart Foster, who rejoins Battery Ventures. Battery Ventures acquired Rogue Wave in 2007.