PrimeStar Solar Acquired By GE

Arvada, Colorado-based PrimeStar Solar, a developer of thin film photovoltaic solar technology, has been acquired by GE, GE said today. GE said the acquisition came after advancements at PrimeStar resulted in a record-setting, photovoltaic panel with 12.8 percent aperture area efficiency, measured by NREL. GE said the panel, produced at PrimeStar's 30-megawatt manufacturing line in Arvada, surpasses all of the previously published records for CdTe thin film technology. Financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed. GE has been a majority equity owner of PrimeStar Solar since 2008. GE did not say where it plans to build its new PV manufacturing plant, only that "multiple locations" are being considered for the new facility, which it says will be the largest U.S. solar panel plant in existence.