PakSense Gets Win With Meat Processor

PakSense Inc., a manufacturer of freshness-monitoring labels for perishable products, revealed Tuesday that national beef and pork processor JBS Swift & Co. has adopted the PakSense TXi Smart Label to monitor product time and temperature during distribution. The financial impact of the deal was not reported. PakSense said its labels are being placed on loads of beef and pork at Swift processing plants and then shipped to customer locations across the country. When a truck is received, PakSense explained, Swift customers inspect visual indicators on the labels to verify that acceptable temperature levels were maintained during shipment. The label is then pulled and returned to Swift's headquarters in Greeley, Colo., PakSense added. Founded in 2004, PakSense is based in Boise, Idaho. The company also sells its temperature-monitoring label to grocer Albertson's.