OptiEnz Targets Biosensor Market

Colorado State University said today that Professor Ken Reardon and the school's commercialization effort, Cenergy, have co-founded a new company called OptiEnz. According to CSU, the new firm is focused on developing, manufacturing, and selling biosensors, which uses fluorescent light to identify contaminants. The school said that the OptiEnz technology is the result of more than 10 years of research in Reardon's laboratory at the school, in collaboration with engineering professors Kevin Lear and David Dandy, and others. The school said that OptiEnz is funded by a Colorado House Bill 1001 early-stage commercialization grant and Dean Stevinson, the firm's COO. As part of the founding of the firm, the school said that Curtis Vock of Boulder IP firm ThinkVillage, as well as a representative of CSU's Technology Transfer Office joins the board.