NexGen Storage, Spun Out From SanDisk, Launches New Products

Louisville, Colorado-based NexGen Storage, a flash array developer which recently spun out of San Disk, said Wednesday that it has released a new line of flash storage arrays called the N5 Hybrid Flash Array. The flash storage array products were most recently part of Salt Lake City-based Fusion-io. SanDisk announced earlier this month that it would spin out those products as a separate company, following the acquisition of Fusion-io in a $1.1 billion deal last year. NexGen Storage should be a familiar name to those on the Front Range, having been a standalone company itself until April of 2013, when it was acquired by Fusion-io. The new NexGen Storage is still run by original NexGen founder John Spiers, who founded NexGen Storage back in 2011 as a followup to Lefthand Networks.