New Sky Energy Wins Prize

Boulder-based New Sky Energy, a startup which is developing chemical processes which convert wastewater and CO2 into chemical products, has scored a prize for innovation by nonprofit Imagine H2O. According to the firm, it was the winner of the Wastewater Prize by Imagine H2O, a nonprofit which looks to encourage entrepreneurs to tackle water challenges and turn them into businesses. New Sky Energy is developing a process to convert industrial and agricultural wastewater and CO2 into chemical products like carbonates (e.g., soda ash, limestone), bases (e.g., caustic soda), and industrial gases and acids, such as hydrogen and sulfuric acid. The firm is looking to use its technology to both clean up industrial waste, and also reduce CO2 emissions. New Sky Energy is headed by Deane Little, who has previously worked as a researcher at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Stanford, and the US EPA.