Micron, Intel Go Into Production With Advanced Memory Chips

Intel and Boise, Idaho-based Micron said today that the firm's joint venture, IM Flash Technologies, has gone into production with a jointly developed, 34nm, 32 gigabit NAND flash memory product. The firms said the product--which is being produced at the firms' Lehi, Utah facility--is the most advanced process available on the market, enabling 32 Gb NAND chips fitting on 48-lead TSOP packaging. NAND Flash is used in consumer electronics, removable storage, cell phones, and other electronic products. Intel and Micron said they expect the Lehi facility to have transitioned more than 50 percent of its capacity to the new 34nm process by the end of the year. The higher density NAND memory is particulalry targeted at high-density, solid state storage--which is being used in digital cameras, music players, and camcorders, along with solid state drives.