Liberty Global Gives $1M For Hurricane Relief

Denver-based broadband and TV giant Liberty Global plc said on Friday that it has committed to give $1M in funding for humanitarian aid in the Caribeean, following the impact of Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Irma over the last few weeks. Liebrty Global operates two telecom businesses in the region, Liberty Cablevison Puerto Rico and Cable & Wireless Communications. LIberty Global said the funding will go to the Liberty Foundation in Puerto Rico and the Cable & Wireless Charitable Foundation, established to assist victims of the hurricanes across the region. Liberty Global said that, in total, its fundraising efforts have raised over $1.5M including employee donations and industry partners, including the Premier League. Liberty Global said the funds are going towards daily airlifting and shipping of emergency supplies including water, food and personal care items, as well as essential equipment such as power generators and solar light bulbs.