Idaho Teen Wins Third Place Spot In Intel Science Talent Search

A Boise, Idaho teenager -- Nathan Charles Marshall, 17 -- has scored a third place spot, and $35,000 in a scholarship, in the Intel Science Talent Search, the most prestigious science competition in the world for students, for his project studying marine sediment core samples and how they relate to presnet-day climate change. Intel announced its winners this morning, who collectively will receive over $1 million in prizes. Intel said that Marshall's studied a marine sediment core sample and related it to present-day climate change, concluding that Earth can recover from current climate change trends if action is taken soon. The Intel Science Talent Search--formerly known as the Westinghouse Science Talent Search--has been running since 1942, and among its alumni are a significant number of Nobel Prize winners, MacArthur Fellowship award winners, and National Academy of Science members.