Google To Open Campus At Arizona State University

Mountain View-based search giant Google said this morning that it will open an office on the Tempe campus of Arizona State University (ASU), as the company expands out its Phoenix area operations. Google said that the new offiec will focus on enginereing, operations, and IT support functions. The company said that the new office is part of its effort to build engineering centers in locations where there are great engineers, and will include all of the workplace amenities that Google is known for, including the companies free lunches. Douglas Merrill, Gogole's senior director of information systems will join ASU's Ira Fulton Schol of Engineering's Computer Science and Engineering Advisory Board as part of the move, and both the university and Google said that they will explore further opportunities such as adjunct faculty appointments and internship opportunities. Google said that it is looking for a range of new employees at the site to support its operations, including software engineers, field technicians, network security experts, and IT support staff.