GoDaddy Shows Major Progress In Adding Women Executives

Scottsdale, Arizona-based GoDaddy appears to be showing some success in increasing the number of women at the company, in its latest annual diversity and salary data report. The online web hosting and cloud services provider has been working over the last few years to overcome a fairly poor prior history in the area. According to GoDaddy, it increased the population of women at the company, from 24 percent to 26 percent of the total workforce, and it has increased the ranks of women in its senior leadership from 5 percent to 31 percent overall. GoDaddy said that the increase in senior leadership ranks game specifically due to a partnership with Clayman Institute to develop a new system that enabled the company to proactively identify qualified women--and other qualified candidates--who should be considered for promotion. GoDaddy had been the poster child for "bro culture" in the technology industry--complete with sexist Super Bowl ads--but made a humongous shift to throw off that reputation, starting in 2011, when it was acquired by private equity investment firms KKR, Silver Lake, and Technology Crossover Ventures.