eBay Acquires RedLaser From Occipital

Online marketplace firm eBay has acquired RedLaser, the barcode scanning application for the iPhone from Boulder, Colorado-based Occipital. eBay announced Wednesday. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. According to eBay, it acquired both RedLaser and related technology from Occpital, and will use it to enhance its eBay Marketplace, eBay Selling, StubHub and applications. It also said it would immediately transition RedLaser from a paid application, to a free, standalone application, and also integrate listings from eBay into the app. Occpital is one of the firms out of Boulder technology acceleration effort TechStars, and was founded by Jeffrey Powers and Vikas Reddy. Occipital rolled out its RedLasr app in May of last year. Occipital said that eBay is "a truly better home for RedLaser than Occipital," and that the firm will remain a freestanding company.