E&Y Entrepreneur Finalists For Utah, Colorado

Ernst & Young has named its 2006 finalists for its Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year awards in the Utah and Colorado. Ernst & Young, which holds separate events and covers the Utah and Colorado as separate markets, recently named thirty-three leaders at Utah firms to its list. Finalists include Will West of Control4, Michael Proper of DirectPointe, Weston Swenson of Forum Systems, Brad Walters, Hugh Nielsen, Nick Mecham, and David Steed of Maxstream, J. Kipp Lassetter of Medicity; Amy Rees Lewis of MediConnect, Dallin McKay Anderson of Montigen Pharmaceuticals, and Josh Jamse and John Pestana of Omniture. In Colorado, finalists in the E&Y Rocky Mountain region in the technology area included Bill Chambers at Lefthand Networks; John Elms at Spectralink; Perry Evans at Local Matters; Tom Gebes at BuilderMT, Ryan Martens at Rally Software; Dave Newton and Roger Odell at Encision; John Spiers at Lefthand; Eric Sumpter at Copan Systems; and Scott Andrew Walker at Accuvant. The Utah awards are being held on June 16th in Salt Lake City; the Colorado awards are being held in Denver on the 22nd.