DigitalGlobe Reveals Satellite Launch Date

DigitalGlobe, a provider of high-resolution imagery and geospatial information, announced Monday that its WorldView-1 satellite will launch Sept. 18. DigitalGlobe said WorldView-1 has been delivered to California's Vandenberg Air Force Base in anticipation of its launch. The company added that the satellite, which will take a month to come online, will provide imagery for the National Gespatial-Intelligence Agency and for commercial demand. In that capacity, DigitalGlobe said, WorldView-1 will replace the 6-year-old QuickBird satellite, which will transition to its new role of providing multi-spectral geospatial imagery for the commercial sector. DigitalGlobe is headquartered in Longmont, Colo. Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. and ITT Corp. assisted in the satellite’s construction.