Denver Startup's Bot Is A Better Real Estate Agent That Your Puny Human

Denver-based QValue, a startup developing home search technology, says its "robot" computer algorithms are better than Denver real estate brokers. According to the company, it has been testing its algorithm with a number of local brokers--in a test run by real estate publication Inman News--and its bot has ranked higher on all three days of the test than local experts. The startup, led by Creed Smith, says its algorithm uses emotionally triggering qualities of houses--rather than the qualitative criteria used by current real estate websites (number of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.)--to recommend homes to users. QValue's "bot" was specifically designed for the Denver area, and was pitted against local brokers Stacie Perrault Staub from Live Urban Denver, Greg Eckler from Denver Realty Experts and Libby Levinson from Kentwood Real Estate.