Cornice Rolls Out Micro Drives, Scores Win With Samsung

Longmont Colorado-based Cornice, a provider of micro disk drives for the mobile market, said today that it has launched two new, ultra-thin 8G and 10G micro hard drives. The firm said that its new Cornice Dragon series micro hard drives will offer a thinner and smaller form factor, targeted at audio/video players mobile phones, and personal storage devices. The new drives are 40 percent smaller than the company's previous generation of drives. The company's list price on the drives are $85 in quantities of 10,000 per year. In conjunction with the launch of the company's new drives, the firm said that it has rolled out new reference designs to help OEMs integrate the storage for mobile products. Separately, Cornice said that Samsung has tapped the company's 3.0G Storage Element drives for production in Samsung's SGH-i300 embedded music smartphone. Samsung's phone is a product for the European market, and has been available since