Control4 Takes On Hospitality Market

Salt Lake City-based Control4 said today that it has rolled out a new version of the firm's IP-based entertainment and home automation software targeted at the hospitality industry, and disclosed a number of customers and partners on the effort. According to Control4, its new Control4 Suite Systems is a customized version of itis automation software specifically targeting the hospitality market. The system allows hotel guests to control lighting, room temperature, television/video systems, music, draperies, and room service requests through the company's hardware. The firm is targeting the replacement of traditional, wire-based systems for hotels. Control4 also said that the new product can be used to also save energy for hotels by automatically turning off systems when guests check out. Along with the new product, Control4 said that it has partnered with First Management Partners; Lorica Solutions; SAFLOCK; Solar Shading; Bartech Systems International; Simplikate Techcierge HOTEL; and LG Electronics on connecting to or implementing the new product.