Colorado, Utah Rank In Best States For Technology and Science

Both Colorado and Utah ranked highly in a study released today focused on the top states in Technology and Science, from the nonprofit Milken Insitute. According to the Milken Institute, Colorado ranked number 3 and Utah number 8 in the rankings of the states that are in the best position to succeed in the technology-led information age. Massachusetts led the nation in the rankings at number one. Colorado maintained its position at number 3 from the last report, which was released in 2004, with Utah moving up one from number nine. The Milken Institute in the report that it believes that the future will belong to those regions that can develop a thriving technology industry in a wide variety of fast-growing fields including biotech, clean technology, nanotechnology, communications and next-generation computer applications. The report used 77 indicators for the rankings, including amount of research and development, entrepreneurial infrastructure, work force, and other factors.