Colorado Gives $370K In Energy Grants

Colorado Governor Bill Ritter's Energy Office said Wednesday that it has awarded $370,000 in energy-related grants, to eight organizations focused on biomass, energy efficiency, wind, solar and other projects. The grants, part of the New Energy Economic Development (NEED), includes a number of companies developing clean energy and energy technology. Among the recipients of the grants were Golden, Colorado-based Energistic Systems, which received $100,000 for developing a solar thermal system; Boulder-based Hybrids Plus, which gained $25,000 to design and develop a second generation extended-range battery for plug-in hybrid vehicles; and Boulder-based Nexajoule, which is developing an energy efficient evaporative chiller that can supplement or replace refrigerant-based air conditioning systems. Other projects receiving funding included the City of Greeley, which is looking into creating a "Greeley Clean Energy Park," Colorado Brownfields Foundation, GARNA and The Global Biomass Network Project, Inc., and Southeast CO RC&D--which is tapping energy monitoring technology from Fat Spaniel.