Cities Make Green Buildings List

Four regional cities have made the EPA's most recent list of the Top 25 cities with the most ENERGY STAR labeled buildings, according to the EPA. The list--which ranks cities by the number of buildings, total square footage, and energy savings--ranked Denver at number 4 in the nation in terms of green buildings, with 136 buildings representing 31.5 million square feet. Other cities in the region ranked on the list included Phoenix, Arizona at number 20, with 52 buildings and 11.1 million square feet; Ogden, Utah, at number 21 with 51 buildlings and 5.5 million square feet; as well as Fort Collins, Colorado, which was tied at 24 with 36 buildings and 2.5 million square feet of green building space. Denver was up significantly, rising to number 4 from last year's number 8 position; Ogden, Utah had its first appearance on the list, as did Fort Collins, also in its first year. Phoenix was up slightly, at 20, from its 2008 position at number 22.