Chicago Firm Uses Sports Theme To Attract Engineers In Boulder

Boulder arguably has some of the most employee-friendly companies and workplaces around. Last year, Outside magazine gave a number of Colorado firms top spot for "best places to work", and firms like ReadyTalk, Trackvia, and others are known for their dedication to the outdoors lifestyle here. So it's now surprising that a Chicago-based commerce software developer, Hybis, is hoping today that its new Boulder office will attract software engineers, quality assurance professionals, and technical writers--by centering the new office around endurance sports.

Hybis said it is planning to open a new "endurance sports themed" office in Boulder, which will include an on-site gym, cycling room, treadmills, bike storage, on-site massage therapists, and coaches. The company explained that it wants to create a working environment where employees are encouraged "to be their best selves, both professionally and athletically". The company has listed a number of software, QA, and related positoins on a recruiting website specifically aimed at the new Boulder office.