Bungee Labs Expands Services

Orem, Utah-based Bungee Labs, the venture-backed startup which is developing tools for developers to create web-based software, said today that the firm has expanded the firm's platform to allow users to run their software on their own servers, or on Amazon's EC2 compute services. The company also said it plans to make source code for the firm's Bungee Applicaton Server available through community source. The firm--which previously only allowed software running on its own hosted service--said its new "Platform-as-a-Service" can now be run on a new self-managed Bungee Application Server, at Bungee's own data centers in the U.S. and Europe, or on Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud services. Bungee offers development tools which make it easy to create web-based applications; the firm's tools are free, however the firm charges once an application is deployed to end users. Bungee said the new offerings will be billed at six cents per user session hour for applications hosted in its data centers or on Amazon EC2; pricing for the firm's self-hosted Bungee Application Server starts at $500 per month, per server. The firm said it will launch its community source code initiative in June, which will allow for commercial or research & development access to its source. Bungee is backed by North Bridge Venture Partners, Venrock Associates, and Epic Ventures.