Boulder Tops In High Tech Employment Density

Boulder, Colorado, is among the top cities in terms of the number of high tech workers per 1,000, according to a report released Wednesday from industry group TechAmerica. According to TechAmerica, in its Cybercities report, Boulder was number three in the nation in terms of how many tech workers there are per overall employment in the city. Boulder had 215.49 high tech workers per 1000, number three in the nation, ranked only behind San Jose/Silicon Valley (294.07 tech workers per 1000) and Huntsville (233.10 tech workers per 1000).

Other local cities were not far behind. Colorado Springs was number 8, with 123.99 workers per thousand; Albuquerque was number 16, with 90.79 tech workers per thousand; Denver was 17, with 88.09 workers per thousand; and Salt Lake City was 23rd, with 70.14 high tech workers per thousand. Phoenix was number 35, with 56.98 workers per 1,000.