Boulder, Denver Vulnerable To Offshore Outsourcing

Both Boulder and Denver are vulnerable to future offshore outsourcing, according to a new study released this month by the Brookings Institution. The study found that Boulder, Colorado, along with Lowell, MA, San Francisco, San Jose, and Stamford, CT., was among the most likely metropolitan areas to be lose jobs to service offshoring between 2005 and 2015. "The Implications of Service Offshoring for Metropolitan Economies", also found that at least 17 percent of computer programming, software engineering, and data entry jobs are likely to be offshored between 2004 and 2015 in areas like Boston, San Francisco, and San Jose, as well as Boulder and Denver. The think tank recommended that federal, state, and local leaders should work to pursue policies that boost productivity and innovation, assist workers who are harmed by offshoring, and modernize approaches to economic and workforce development.