Boston Startup Wins Colorado Tech Competition

The 8th Continent Project has selected a Boston-based startup as the winner of its second annual Lunar Ventures business plan competition. The 8th Continent said the victory earns iShoe $50,000 in cash and a berth in the Global Moot Corp Competition, which comes with a chance to win $100,000 more in prizes. The 8th Continent said iShoe won for its balance-detection technology, which builds upon NASA research into devices that detect equilibrium problems in astronauts returning from space. The 8th Continent added that its competition featured finalists from MIT, Harvard, Utah State, Purdue, Johns Hopkins and Boston University. Contestants developed their concepts during the 2007 fall semester, the 8th Continent explained, and a panel of judges reduced the field to six finalists. The 8th Continent is sponsored by the Colorado School of Mines and is based in Golden, Colo.